Long Study Tour – Five Days in Firenze

(long post ahead, be warned) After a wonderful week in Italy with my core class, coming back to a mountain of papers, midterms, and assignments was rather a humbling experience, to say the least -- I was reminded that I am still in school and that classes are a thing, haha! Currently, I am in... Continue Reading →

Finding Old Passions in a New Home

The other day, I was sitting in my usual spot in my Core Class and my mind wandered off a little given that I have an attention span of a goldfish. And I thought about how different my life would have been if I was back in Minnesota in that moment, sitting in a lecture... Continue Reading →

Halløj Copenhagen!

Here I am in Virum (not as easy to pronounce as it looks -- Vighum, the "gh" from the back of your throat), a suburb near Copenhagen, contemplating about this past week which has been crazy and surreal. In the few hours prior to landing in Copenhagen, my fear of being in a new place... Continue Reading →

The Family Reunites 2.5 Years Later

Hello, my name is Mrunal. Wait, let me break that down for you -- mru (like brew with an m)-nahl. The weird combination of the consonants m and r throws most people off when they first hear it. I am a junior at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities pursuing a neuroscience major with a minor in computer science. The... Continue Reading →

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